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Business Development

Contact us for Loan license or Third Party manufacturing or a symbiotic relationship in the form of a Joint venture. Our strategically located manufacturing unit (spread over 28000 sq.ft) in Baddi Export Promotion Industrial Zone ( Special Economic Zone) has the best quality infrastructure and facilities, besides having various cost benefits in a country which already has the lowest cost of production and research and development. Hence, significantly increasing the profit margins. Our promoters have over 30 years of experience in the pharmacy field, and having worked for several multinationals . LNPL has over 60 registered products in 325 dosage forms and concentratons, marketed in 14 states of India and have given over 30 franchises in different cities in India.

Why India?

Due to factors such as-

Investor friendly policies: both for Greenfield and Brownfield Foreign investment. Almost $75 Billion worth of products are expected to go off-patent in the next five years.

Cost advantages: India produces some of the lowest priced, good quality drugs in the world, especially because labour costs are 50 to 55% cheaper than in the West.Industry experts indicate that infrastructure costs are 40% lower and fixed costs are estimated to be 12% to 20% less that in the United States and Western Europe. Consequently, India can produce APIs that cost 60% less than in the West .Pharma production costs are about 50% lower in india while R&D costs are about one- eighth and clinical trial expenses about one - tenth.

Competent workforce: India has a pool of personnel with high managerial and technical competence as also skilled workforce. It has an educated work force and English is commonly used. Professional services are easily available.

Cost-effective chemical synthesis: Its track record of development, particularly in the area of improved cost-beneficial chemical synthesis for various drug molecules is excellent. It provides a wide variety of bulk drugs and exports sophisticated bulk drugs.

Information & Technology: It has a good network of world-class educational institutions and established strengths in Information Technology.

Globalisation: The country is committed to a free market economy and globalization. Above all, it has a 70 million middle class market, which is continuously growing.

Consolidation: For the first time in many years, the international pharmaceutical industry is finding great opportunities in India. The process of consolidation, which has become a generalized phenomenon in the world pharmaceutical industry, has started taking place in India

India is a world leader in anti TB segment and has also developed cost effective processes for some of the latest patented medicines like Glitazones, Rofecoxib, Celecoxib, Stains, Montelukast etc. and hence many countries source their medicines from India. Many Foreign tourists and officials carry bag loads of medicines from India as it is a known fact that Prices of medicines made in India are the lowest in the world.

Why Us?

Some of the factors that distinguish us from our competitors include:

  • Strong emphasis on product quality.
  • Export promotion tax and excise benefits in the Export promotion Zone at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.
  • Strategically located manufacturing unit at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh in India has a capacity of 90 lakh tablets, 7.5 lakh capsules, and 50000 sachets(Sugarfree and Stevia).
  • Strong and highly motivated chain of 30 Franchisees and Distributors across the country.
  • Third party or loan license manufacturing for esteemed companies such as Nirlife, Lyka, HAL, Mercury Labs, KC labs division of Themist Labs, Marksans-Division of Glenmark, Baroda Pharma, Lia Lifesciences, Mansij Healthcare, Recoupe Pharma, GAIA, Herboveda and many more.
  • Over 60 registered products across categories such as Antipsychotics, Antibiotics, Vitamins, NSAID's etc and a widespread chain of distributors and franchisees across 13 States in India where the potential is maximum. Export operations to Phillipines, Canada, Australia etc have been successfully executed.
  • Experienced professionals
  • Excellent service
  • Offering free sampling policy
  • Offering customized packaging as per client's specification
  • Quality control labs as per international standards
  • Bulk manufacturing capacity, which can be further increased as per the demands
  • All machine and equipment of the highest quality.
  • Services of experienced and trained experts from Pharma field
  • Products supported with regulatory documents like certificate of analysis, and residual solvent tests
  • Standard export packaging
  • Single window service that ensures prompt response