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Quality Control & Quality Assurance

We at Lifecare are committed to provide only the highest quality drug formulations , under the strict supervision of dedicated quality assurance and quality control staff who are directly responsible and report to the Management team. The QA and QC are totally independent of other departments and have access to our cGLP certified laboratory. The Quality Assurance and control Department controls all materials, monitors the quality aspects of manufacturing operations,keeping process checks and controls the quality. Quality Assurance Department has the responsibility and is authorised to approve or to reject all components,products, containers,closures, any other packaging components, in-process materials and finished products.

Quality Assurance Department is authorised to review the production record to ensure that no errors or any discrepancies occur.Quality Assurance has adequate laboratory facilities to conduct testing of all materials and products.Testing of finished products are done by the Quality Control staff in our own testing laboratories. In case where additional analysis is required, the analysis is carried out only by reputed NABL certified laboratories.